We are Natascha and Kasper. Our family exists of two humans, one cat and two Malamutes (as of 2010 hopefully three). We are living in a house in Nieuwegein with a great yard for the dogs and sometimes also the humans may enjoy the yard.

The way we started with Alaskan Malamutes is quite the standard way. We wanted a dog for some time already. This was not possible however because we both worked full time. In 2005 we were on holiday in the USA. Here a lot of pet stores have those puppies in glass boxes (not everything in movies is made up). In one of those boxes was a Husky pup and for Natascha it was love on first sight. She had just started working less, so a dog was possible. After Natascha returned back to her feet we came to the conclusion taking a pup from the USA home would be too much. We did decide however to get a dog the moment we came home.

Once at home we started. The first question was: What kind of breed? After some research we came to the conclusion a Husky was not our dog. They are beautiful and sweet, bur for us there were some issues. The malamute however was a breed that fit us. So the choice was made it had to be a Malamute. Alright, we knew the breed, but how to get such a dog? There is a club for this breed, but we did not need a pure bred. The dog just had to be in good condition, sweet and a Malamute. On the internet we did see an add for Malamutes. The next Saturday we took the car and drove to Belgium. When we did arrive we soon came to the conclusion this was nothing for us. We had little knowledge of Malamutes, but trying to sell a Golden Retriever pup like: "A very special Malamute, because he is white", did go too far. We left the place without a dog.

Alright, lets go to an official breeder. After making a telephone call to the AMCN we came into contact with Sandra Luidens of Akima Gayuk. After a good and close conversation we came to the conclusion we wanted a dog from an official breeder. We were very lucky, because one of her females (Amiq) was pregnant at that moment. We would get one of the pups.

In the time between our first visit and the delivery of the pups however one of the dogs of Sandra died. At that moment we came to the agreement we would not get a pup from Sandra. Instead we would get a pup from Inge en Andre of Tu├╝skawa. Also with them the first contact was good and relaxed. The advantage for us was we could enjoy two litters at the same time. Because of this we learned a lot and had double the fun. From the litter of Inge and Andre we did get Yomi.

Since we have Yomi we kept in contact with Sandra as well as Inge en Andre. After some time a second litter was bred of the same combination as Yomi. From this litter we have Chena.

In the near future we hope to have more Malamutes.