The Malamute is friendly dog to the owner and to strangers. At the same time it is not one of the easiest dogs to keep. The dogs demand some strength mentally as well as physically from the owner. Mentally, because the will try to become the leader of the pack from time to time. Physically, because they have some strength and weight. Yomi is 45 kilo's (app. 90 pounds) and also has some strength. Keeping him from going somewhere when he really wants it (nice a cat running across the street at 3 meters distance) means literally hanging into the leash. Also for us it sometimes means taking care wearing the right shoes and not standing on grass or mud when it has rained.

The Malamute has a double coat. The upper coat is thick and stiff, the under coat is nicely soft and has much thinner hairs. Washing of the Malamute is, because of this double coat, not necessary. Vacuuming the house and having something to take the hairs of your clothes is. Having a Malamute means having hairs in your house and on your clothes. Twice a year it is a real party. The dog sheds. For your idea: I garbage bag full of hair per shed.

The Malamute is an independent dog that needs to loose its energy. When you will not let the dog loose its energy there is a good chance your living room will be redesigned according to the latest Malamute design-rules. They can be very, sweet, funny and pigheaded. Give them a task however and they will perform it. At the same time the Malamute likes to do things his own way. Having a Malamute asks for some self mockery and humour. They are quite intelligent. The benefit is they learn fast, the disadvantage is they are easily bored. When you get a pup he is very curious, listens well and is full of attention for you. The dog learns all the commands like sit, lay, down etc. very easy. You start thinking: "What were these people talking about, everybody can do this." After approximately 6 months you are busy again teaching the dog and all of a sudden the dog starts chasing a bird, walks up to another person etc. and will not listen to you. You try everything, but the dog will not listen. Easily said, after 6 months your Malamute thinks: "Sit, lay, here, I know al that. Boring, I am going my own way." As of that moment you are the proud owner of a Malamute and everything changes a bit. Keep in mind: Try to see the humour of things. You have chosen a dog that is not "eager to please". At the same time your condition keeps well when you have to run the 100 meter sprint in (your) record time when your Malamute goes his own way when you think he still can walk without a leash.

Below you can find some nice statements regarding Malamutes and their owners:

The average life for a vacuum cleaner is ten years. The average life for a vacuum cleaner where a Malamute resides is 1 year.

Fact: Humans think they are masters over Malamutes. Malamutes KNOW they are the masters.

Our neighbours know when we correct our Mal - they hear him correct us!

As a Malamute owner:
You offer all your guests a hair/lint remover roll as a party favor.

NASA asks to use your backyard to test their new moon rover.

You catch your mal on the couch when clearly she knows it is against the rules, except on Sundays of course, and she lays really still because she thinks that maybe you haven't noticed her 100 pound body and tell her to get off!

You know that if someone tried to break in to your house your Malamute would just lick him to death.

You drive up to an all service car wash and the workers give a moan and drop the vacuum hose on the floor and you apologize and state you don't expect miracles.

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