Pedigree Yomi

Abayomi, called Yomi, was our first Malamute. He is a great, firm, big, friendly, quiet, Malamute male. His name means: bringer of joy and luck. It is a name from Nigeria.

He was bred by Inge and Andre of Tu├╝skawa.

The first day at our house was quite heavy for Yomi. We had two cats, Rebbel and Misty. They were used to dogs, but they were the boss in the house. That is exactly what they told Yomi in their way. Approximately 1 minute after we had brought Yomi into the room we, and Yomi, did get the fright of our life. He was attacked by both cats and if we had not done anything it had expired badly for Yomi. Yomi had learned to look out for those two. Yomi and Misty never got around well. Yomi and Rebel however became friends. They do not sleep together, but when we return from a weekend break or holiday they greet each other by licking and rubbing.

We and others agreed Yomi is not a real Malamute. Leaving food on the table and walking away is no problem. In all those years he has only once stolen a sandwich. On the part of activities Yomi has a disadvantage: He is bored very fast. Bicycling is not something he likes. We have tried, but it seems like he thinks: "I hope you are not thinking I will get tired running. What if you are going bicycling and I am waiting here for you to come back." Pulling a tire: "Nice...for once a month." In short: Yomi is a very nice dog for in and around the house and for long walks. No problem for how many miles. Climbing, small paths, over and along hills and mountains everything is fine as long as it will be walking.

After we did get Yomi we kept in contact with Inge and Andre. At the moment they were going to breed their second litter we indicated we would like to have a female. This was no problem. After a while we did get our second Malamute, Chena.


Pedigree Chena

Anana Nuka Chena, called Chena, is a busy, pigheaded, friendly and sweet Malamute. Her name means: Beautiful younger sister. Chena is a river in Alaska.

Also Chena was bred by Inge and Andre.

When Chena entered our house the cats were already used to dogs. Because of this she did not get the same "treatment" as Yomi. We sometimes find this a pity, because since Chena lives with us we see Rebbel less (Misty has passed away). We see Rebbel less, because Chena chases him and wins. Sometimes Rebbel comes down from the first floor. At that moment we have to protect him. We try to let Chena and Rebbel get used to each other.

When it comes to activities Chena is the complete opposite of Yomi. Bicycling and pulling she loves to do. It seems like she does not get tired. Walking is also something she loves to do. Further she loves to jump on and over things or go under them. Of course she wants a treat for everything. This can be a stroke, but a small candy is better. When she really wants a candy she just walks next to you until she has it or it is really clear she will not get one.

Leaving food on table and walking away means she at least has tasted some of it with her tongue. Chena is a real Malamute on this part.

A lovely thing of Chena is her "talking". When people do not know her they think she growls at them. But what she really does is greeting them. Also when you take her out she will talk to you when putting your coat on.



Pedigree Yul'i

Iggayul'i, called Yul'i. Iggayul'i means Champion.

Yul'i is a bitch of November 2009. January 1, 2010 she came to live with us. She was bred by Veronique van der Meiren of "On Kamiakan trail kennel in Belgium.

Yul'i is a very happy, sweet, playfull and devoted dog. She is still a real puppy that sees a game in everything. If she needs to go into her bench she stays standing and dares you to follow and get here. Not following here means she starts barking to dare you more. If you still not react she starts looking offended and maybe going into her bench. There is also a chance however she will go her own way.

Yul'i is the busiest of the three dogs and also has the most energy. When we thought the other two had created a moonscape of our garden, she shows us it can be a lot more worse. Several times we have had to fill some holes with one or two wheelbarrows of sand. Working is in her blood. We had the idear of starting easily with running next to the bike. She had other thoughts however. The first time she started running next to the bike she just pulled the bike. And believe me, I was pedaling hard.

When it comes to eating Yul'i is a real Malamute. She finishes first and is in front of the others for threats (although this doesn't mean she gets first). Leaving your plate means all that was on it is in her stomach. She only stops when you pull or push her away.